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As a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited test lab, we carry out vibration and shock tests on cells, modules and batteries based on current standards. Several years of experience in testing lithium-ion batteries for different manufacturers and industries - including protective measures for fire risk.
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Accredited test laboratory

PAConsult is a DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited test laboratory that is certified by ISTA. We look forward to actively supporting you with our know-how.

Years of experience

Due to our 20 years of experience, we have a wide range of skills. Our services and our customers are our greatest passion.

Customer oriented

We are flexible and quick. Together we will make your product fit for the market and ensure its practicality. With us, goals are clearly defined.

Battery Testing Standards

Selection of relevant standards:
  • ISO 6469-1
  • ECE-R100
  • UN 38.3 ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev.7, Kap.38.3
  • DIN EN IEC 62281
  • IEC 62660-3
  • DIN EN 60068-2-6/-27/-64
  • VW 80000
  • AK-LH 5.21
  • ISO 19453
  • ISO 12405
  • ISO 16750-3

Our Competence

  • Based on our expertise in the test lab with batteries and the automotive industry we offer experiences technical consulting from tests to standards and vice-versa
  • One partner for all: All tests in one lab only works for simple tests – we design and conduct complete battery test campaigns (with Paconsult, RMS, MTN and a vast network of partners)
  • If the right test machine isn’t available, we build it: development of new and cost efficient test infrastructure (with partners RMS and Paconsult)
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Testing with the right partner

Advantages of Testing at Paconsult
  • Dedicated to special customer requests
  • Highly competitive value/price
  • High flexibility and quick reaction (answer in 24h and each test within 4 weeks)
  • Expertise from standardization committees and BEV industry working groups as well as academic industry-focussed research
  • Speaking your language
  • We organize transport according to dangerous goods agreements
  • Accredited testing based on ISO 17025, competence for BEV testing according to ISO 19453, ISO 6469-1, ISO 12405, ISO 16750-3, UN 38.3 EN ECE R100
  • Design and construction from small special test rigs to complete test systems

Testing all around

Testing of various environments and performance characteristics
  • Mechanical environments (i.e. vibration, shock, constant g)
  • Climatic environments (i.e. temperature, humidity)
  • Other environments (i.e. sand&dust, IP protection)
  • Functional performance (i.e. electric, mechanic)
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Test Campaigning – one contact

A good test campaign needs to be organized for flexibility, high quality and swift results. For this we offer:
  • One contact for all tests – we organize the test campaign with all the test labs, test procedures and requirements to be involved.
  • Dedicated test systems that we and our partner own make us confident to give you reliable and customer-focussed answers on time, cost and quality
  • A vast network of partners gives flexibility if a test turns in an unexpected way causing a change in the test plan or if you need something really special
  • Writing a good test plan is a sophisticated task involving expertise and experience so that the test gives useable and reliable results – we do for you!

Technical Consulting from experts

From hands-on experience in testing Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) components to academic research: our expertise for the benefit for your business and partners
  • First grade information from standardization committees and industry working groups – giving you a broad view over the different available test standards as well as an in-depth guideline on how to achieve good and reliable test results
  • We give general seminars on shock and vibration as well as detailed recommendations right for your test application on site
  • Our many past and present research projects constantly generate knowledge on BEV testing
  • No one knows everything – we know the experts for your specific challenge

Test system development

  • Quickly designed and manufactured in own facilities
  • Customized to your needs and specifications
  • Decades of experience with test systems and test adaptations

Current projects:

  • Lightweight, quick release adaptations
  • Flexible thermal environments for shock, vibration, crush, nail etc.
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Highest Technology

High-end technology - customized to your needs

Mechanical environments

Battery management system

Climatic environments

Future proof

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